About Us

Gigalight is a global optical interconnection design innovator. Since we entered the optical communications industry in 2006, we have been working on the business model design and products innovation of optical network devices. So far, we have formed 5 major product lines, including optical transceivers, passive optical components, active optical cables, MTP/MPO cabling, smart fiber tools and so on. Gigalight’s business design is based on the needs of different customers. Our core concept is to provide high quality and high reliability solutions and products, and is also very interested to provide customers with low cost and innovative design. Gigalight has been looking forward to the latest trends in the field of optical communications. In recent years, we focus on the development of optical transceivers and active optical cables for the Data Center & Cloud Computing market, while making a deep production of scale. Thanks to the independent research and development of the hybrid optical engine technology platform and a variety of technology combination package technology platform, Gigalight is coping with the challenge of 5G’s rising and the 100G’s scale deploying in the cloud computing. The goal of Gigalight is to become an economical and effective design innovator of commercial technologies in the 100G/200G/400G era.


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Founded in 2006, Gigalight' headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China. The total area of Gigalight' headquarter and factory is 20000 square meters. The embranchments include the Aisa R&D center in Optical Valley, Wuhan, the North America branch office in Seattle, USA, and the East Europe representative office in Russia.

Gigalight Marketing CenterGigalight R&D Center and Main Factory

Gigalight's products are mainly sold to global Internet operators, telecom operators, radio & television equipment suppliers, and data communications equipment manufacturers.

Gigalight Global Markets

Based on the development of big data and profound product technology accumulation, Gigalight has become the supplier of global major cloud computing operators by the competitive advantages of Active Optical Cable (AOC) products and 100G optical transceivers.


  • 2006-2009: Gigalight was committed to R&D and production of transceiver optics up to 10Gb/s, building the global market of optical transceiver modules.

  • 2010-2011: Offered 10G optical transceivers to world wide customers in quantity and launched the 10G, 40G, and 120G AOC products.

  • 2012-2013: Invested into the passive optical components and HD video optics product lines.

  • 2014-2015: Completed the commercialization process of 10G/40G active optical cable in data center.

  • 2016-2017: Batch sales of 25G/100G series optical modules and active optical cables.

  • 2018: We are committed to large-scale production of 50 thousand 100G optical transceiver modules per month. And we will speed up the research and development of 200G/400G data center optics, coherent optical transceivers, 5G wireless optical transceivers, and 5G wilreless passive optical components.

Technical Strength

Gigalight has more than 600 employees and has R&D center in Shenzhen and Wuhan. Our technical team has more than 150 engineers, more than 30% of which have master's degree. By the end of March 2018, the technical team gets more than 90 patents. Over the years, the 5 major technological platforms that make Gigalight successful in the high-speed optical communications area are gradually forming. These platforms include the mature coaxial TO technology platform, the COB platform, the AWG platform and the free space micro optics platform, as well as the developing COC optics design platform and the Silicon optics platform for the 400G era!