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Product Description:

With more than 11-year technology accumulations and reserves, Gigalight has created a unique style and led the market trend in the R & D and manufacturing of optical transceivers, optical devices and other fields. It has been gradually building an innovative optical transceiver ecosystem under the cloud era, providing user-friendly cloud services for many well-known manufacturers around the world.

It includes:

  • A cloud programming platform for managing optical transceivers that enables clients to customize optical transceivers' encoding, online test, information online inquiry & interaction with a cloud server, which has been put into market;
  • A remote upgrading optical transceiver firmware system;
  • A series of SFP+/SFP28/QSFP28 optics checkers;
  • A cloud manufacturing system in development that is able to open order status, production & manufacturing, product logistic and other data to clients.

Cloud Ecology

For User Experience

We focus on user experience by buliding a smart online service platform to monitor the status of products' usage at any time and timely response to customers and solve their problems.

Seamless Product Chain

The integrated cloud service can seamlessly connect the product chains of optical transceivers, active optical cables, and smart fiber tools through Gigalight’s exclusive cloud server.

Platform & Ecology

We are buliding a Gigalight online store as a cloud platform which can flexibly respond to market changes and business peaks. And relying on the cloud ecology, we can saves resources and improve the operational efficiency.

Gigalight Cloud Programmers & Optics Checkers

Cloud Products

10G SFP+

AOC Checker

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25G SFP28

AOC Checker

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40G/100G QSFP

AOC Checker

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AOC Checker

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Cloud Manufacturing

For Different Regions

Through the network synchronization of database resources, we can meet the end-users' product data usage requirements in the different regions.

Interacting Anytime

Online cloud manufacturing platform, user-friendly design, and 24-hour online customer service. We can provide our clients with the best technical support to solve clients' basic questions directly.

Gigalight Cloud Manufacturering

For Different Languages

By providing the multilingual services, we can deal with the communication habits of users in the different regions and greatly improve the communication timeliness.

Tending to APP Mode

The rapid development of mobile Internet has led the APP mode to become a craze for users. It brings intelligent, convenient and efficient information & product services to users at anytime anywhere.

Gigalight Cloud Manufacturering

Cloud Orders