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  GIGAC Urtra High Density Solution .pdf 1.088852882385254 MB 2017-9-26
  GIGAC 100G WDM4 Cabling Solution .pdf 797.314453125 KB 2017-9-26
  GIGAC 200 400G Cabling Solution .pdf 486.15234375 KB 2017-9-26
  GIGAC 8F-Light Cabling Solution .pdf 1.664602279663086 MB 2017-9-26
  Solutions of Tunable Optical Module and 50GHz DWDM... .pdf 241.7431640625 KB 2016-7-4
  Gigalight Automatic Testing System for Optical Mod... .pdf 233.6220703125 KB 2016-7-4
  Optical Bypass Protection Sysytem .pdf 156.6943359375 KB 2016-7-4
  CWDM Simplex Bidi Transmission System .pdf 429.783203125 KB 2016-7-4
  Introduction of 6G SDI 12G SDI Baseband Signal Unc... .pdf 659.59765625 KB 2016-7-1
  Introduction of SFP+SFP28 Optical Module of CPRI C... .pdf 261.0810546875 KB 2016-7-1
  Introduction of Cloud Programmer Service of Gigali... .pdf 91.642578125 KB 2016-7-1
  Optical Interconnection Solution in Internet Bar .pdf 211.9609375 KB 2016-7-1
  Solution for Storage Area Network (SAN) and Gigali... .pdf 166.474609375 KB 2016-7-1
  Solution for Supercomputing Center InfiniBand Netw... .pdf 335.8388671875 KB 2016-7-1
  40G QSFP+ Gen2 Optical Engine Introduction .pdf 2.1251564025878906 MB 2016-7-1
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