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Thank you for your attention to Gigalight. If you are interested in the vacancies below, please send your resume to The lastest vacancies can also be found on, China Job on line (CJOL) and China Fiber Optics Online(CFOL). Looking forward to your joining!

· E-commerce Director /E-commerce operation Director / E-Marketing Director

Job responsibilities:

1) the overall responsibility for e-commerce platform, construction, operation and management;

2) responsible for planning the company brand development direction, and the comprehensive control operation of brand;

3) plan, implement company all goods online and offline marketing and regional coverage strategy;

4) continuous innovation of the company's e-commerce platform operating mode, the full implementation of enterprise digital, intelligent and systematic management;

5) responsible for the organization of the operation of e-commerce platform, data analysis and effect monitoring, analysis of write operation on a regular basis, and audit report;

6) plan formulation and effective operation of the company performance appraisal system.

Job requirements:

1) foreign, undergraduate or postgraduate degree in e-commerce, marketing, computer science, business administration or related;

2) 3 years experience in e-commerce companies, more than two years the largest e-commerce company, senior management working experience;

3) line power is strong, good at communication, expression ability, practical, confident, active and to take on responsibilities;

4) proficient in the establishment of e-commerce platform, operation and management;

5) a strong e-commerce platform operation innovation consciousness;

6) which have both in China or abroad such as amazon or Ebay e-commerce platform of product sales management and operations experience.

7) familiar with Tmall/Jingdong and all kinds of operation mode of online platform, relevant Tmall/Jingdong sales experience and planning experience is preferred;

8) excellent English skills in reading and writing


· Domestic/Oversea SEO Promotion Specialist Requirements:

1)Bachelor Degree with at least 3 years of relevant working experience

2)Understanding of the basic principles of public relations and/or marketing/SEO/search engine ads/website structure

3)Exceptional creative writing and excellent verbal and written communication skills

4)Professional experience using social media sites to support social media campaigns that engage audience members

5)Good at interacting with people online and offline

6)Biology background will be a super plus

Job Descriptions:

1)Draft social media materials and distribute them

2)Independently develop insightful promotion plan with strategic reasoning

3)Establish new and maintain existing social media relationships

4)Strategize ways to improve and track site performance and present analysis report

5)Assist with other promotional issues


· Sales Manager in North America Branch Office (Data Center & Cloud Computing Market) Qualification:

1) Over 3-year sales experience of data center industry in North America;

2) Has excellent sales skills, be familiar with Active Optical Cables and Optical Transceiver Modules;

3) has powerful team spirit and persistant motivation;

4) Workplace in Seattle/Silicon Valley.


· Sales Manager in North America Branch Office (Video & Consumer Optics Market) Qualification:

1) Over 3-year sales experience of broadcast video industry in North America;

2) Has excellent sales skills, be familiar with Video Optics and Optical Transmission products;

3) has powerful team spirit and persistant motivation; 4) Workplace in Seattle/Silicon Valley.


· Domestic Sales Representitive qualification:

1) Bachelor degree or above, communications or electronics major;

2) domestic sales experience in communication electronic products more than 2 years , optical communication industry experience is preferred.

3) strong communication skills, passion, able to work under pressure and work independently, team spirit.


· International Sales Assistant Qualification:

1)college degree or above, international sales assistant work experience more than 1 year, familiar with the process of foreign trade

2) excellent English communication skills and communicate with foreign client freely 4 proficient in office software 5 practical, hard-working

Job Responsibility:

1) collect and file all sales ducuments

2) deal with customer return, RMA and repaired products

3) assist receiving customer for sales

4) analyse and report sales data monthly and quarterly

5) Reconciliation and Recognition for sales shipment with financial department

6) handle relevant business when sales ask for leave

7) Communicate and co-work with business assistant

8)other work given by supervisor


· Pre-sale Customer Manager Qualification:

1) Bachelor degree or above, electronic communications industry background, fluent English

2) more than 5 years working experience in optical communication industry, more than 2 years marketing or communications industry market solutions pre-sales customer engineer working experience


1) technical proposal, bid preparation, marketing product or technology scheme demonstration

2) introduction of the demand of customer or market product , write the solution

3) market research, new product or new business opportunities

4) cooperate with the exchange of business or technical exchange activities

5) connection from the market to the sales business process


· Network Marketing Manager Qualification:

1) Bachelor degree or above, marketing or e-commerce related major;

2) two years product brand and network marketing experience and has a successful case;

3 )familiar with advertising, exhibition design and image positioning, album design, familiar with the appearance of the product design, packaging design, graphic design etc.;

4) familiar with "brand strategy", "category strategy", "marketing management" and "integrated marketing communication", have certain research and practical experience in the field of brand strategy, marketing strategy and the enterprise brand operation and management functions;

5) high sensitivity on the market situation, normal analysis of corporate status, dynamic, target market changes in the industry and competitors, to keep the enterprise and brand's market position;

6) ability of domestic and foreign brand planning, design, the ability of deduction;

7) strong communication skills, resources and coordination ability, overall planning ability, strong sense of fashion;

8) no barrier to communicate in english;

Main responsibilities:

1)assist marketing department manager overall plan, arrangement, management of marketing department, make annual marketing strategy and marketing plan;

2) the implementation of the annual marketing plan, product planning and business plan in accordance with market;

3) verificate and the marketing environment, objectives, plans and operational activities ,adjust marketing strategies and plans timely, formulate corrective and preventive measures, to ensure the completion of target market and marketing plan;

4) building brand culture, making the brand and the brand brochure promotion activities, enhance the brand reputation and visibility;

5) according to the brand building needs, evaluate and select suitable establishment media resources for company, media resources database, the establishment and maintenance of the media and industry associations, partners and other public relations;

6) develop and maintain brand communication channels, to meet the needs of brand communication.


·Deputy Supply Chain Director Qualification:

1) above 5 years communication related industry supply chain and advanced production management experience in big enterprise, love factory dedicated, diligent.

2) management or electronic communications mojor background, master degree or above, no gender restriction, fluent English.

3) Taiwan funded enterprises of similar experience is preferred, consider foreigner (such as Malaysia).


1)comprehensive leading product dep.and supply chain operations management.

2) check and audit the supply chain procurement and production plan weekly, monthly and quarterly.

3) check the production schedule, production schedule, the implementation of production efficiency, enhance customer delivery capability.

4) timely follow-up and supervise the handling of major abnormal quality in production process.

5) the production of auxiliary material, scrap control, control the cost of procurement and production costs.

6) the production of 5S and KPI examination jurisdiction department inspector.

7) to guide or to participate in the production process improvement,project results evaluation.

8) to accept and deal with the marketing department of the proposed deal with the delivery of a complaint,the solutions and Implementation.

9) the jurisdiction within the Department not qualified personnel with a dismissal right.

10) lead product department and supply chain meeting weekly and monthly.

11) if necessary, according to the request of GM convene an interim meeting.


· Business Supervisor Qualification:

1) bachelor degree or above, have more than 3 years of business experience in order processing, familiar with the order management process, familiar with ERP system.

2) have good time management and service management idea, familiar with the operation of international and domestic shipping, patience, meticulous.

3) the implementation of strong, flexible thinking, can better strain disposal business affairs and can lead the team.


1)overall arrangement for sales issued orders, arrangement and coordination of order delivery according to writing-code product department and packaging capacity.

2)follow up key sales orders after confirmation to ensure the production schedule, delivery on time.

3)statistical summary and analysis of KPI data management business.

4)supervision and management of business functions team daily .


· Production Operator

1) male or female, female is preferred.

2) high school, technical secondary school, junior college and undergraduate, electronic communication manufacturing industry experience is preferred, 18-30 years old.

3) earnest, obedience to a superior arrangement, team spirit.

4) work location: Baoan or Shekou.