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Gigalight Announces New Strategy with 100G Optical Interconnect Products

Number of visits: Date:2015-8-26 12:17


Gigalight is going to officially announce its new strategy with 100G optical interconnect product at CIOE opening on August 31. The slogan for new strategy is Optical Interconnect Technology Innovator, and the goal is the leadership of 100G era optical interconnect products.


In the past ten years, Gigalight diligently worked in optical network field as an Optical Network Device Innovator, its main achievement was defining optical device for optical network device, and selling pluggable optical devices to global operators and system integrator through world-wide Internet distribution market. Bottom-fisher of terminal clients was Gigalight main business model for survival and development.


With the rise of mobile interconnect and cloud computing, Gigalight started investing in optical interconnect technology since 2010, successively developed core products with intellectual property right and unique technical, such as parallel array optical engine tech, AOC (active optical cables), 45°special fiber array, multi-channel fiber coupling lens. Since 2013, Gigalight AOC products gained commercialized in Baidu Company, which marked it emphasizing the core product line of Data Center. In 2014 and 2015, Gigalight AOC products have covered domestic main Internet operator and e-commerce Company. Serving Internet has become the major target of Gigalight product development and marketing research.


At the same time entering Internet operator market, Gigalight has been working hard on another product line: Video optical interconnects, mainly including USB3.0 & HDMI AOC, HDMI Extender and so on. Gigalight video products aim to transmission between data and hi-definition image through fiber instead of cable, realize the actual fiber family.


At CIOE 2015, Gigalight will prove with strength of its significant progress on optical interconnect field, and become one of the main forces with clear conscience to create optical interconnect products.


At CIOE 2015, Gigalight will offer live demo for the new cloud high-speed optical transceivers like 100G QSFP28 SR4,100G CFP LR4 ,40G QSFP SR4 GEN2. Meanwhile, the other new exhibit products including: 100G AOC, 100G DAC, USB/HDMI AOC, 16G FC transceiver, 10G DWDM tunable transceiver, 50GHz AAWG, industrial CCWDM and cloud MPO/MTP cabling product. Gigalight sincerely looks forward to clients and industry insiders’ visit and communication!


Gigalight CIOE booth: 1B31 Hall 1.

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