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GigaLight Displays a Series of Optical Transceivers of Big Data Center at OFC 2017

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Gigalight is going to take a series of low-cost optical transceivers of big data center, which have already been under mass production, to participate in OFC 2017. These optical modules include 40G QSFP PSM4(10KM, 40G QSFP LR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4 , 100G QSFP28 LR4 (10KM), 100G QSFP28 PSM4 ( 2KM ), etc. Booth Number:3625

In the past year, Gigalight as the major supplier of AOC of big data center in the domestic market placed high priority on the reduction of cost and power consumption of data center 40G/100G. Gigalight has made substantial progress both in cost management and the ability of mass production, and greatly enhanced the price competitiveness through comprehensive approaches such as self-developed optical engine and IC, introduction of automatic packaging equipment and seeking strategic assistance of suppliers. Our major clients who purchased high-speed optical transceivers and AOC in 2017 can fully recognize the outcomes of our hard work. The goal of Gigalight Data Center in 2017 is to reduce the cost of optical interconnect parts, while guaranteeing the quality. Ove the past three years, the optical transceivers and AOC of Gigalight Data Center have proven we are able to achieve this goal.

Besides cloud computing and data center products, Gigalight will also display MAN 100G CFPx optical transceiver in both multimode and single mode. The biggest advantage of our CFPx lies in the compatibility of software and hardware. We will also demonstrate cloud programmer and 40G/100G CHECKER at the booth.


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