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Five Trends of Future Cloud Computing and Data Center

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In recent years, the investment on cloud computing continues to boom. But with the change of enterprises’ demands, the cloud market will be developed in the following five trends.

Multiple Cloud to Be the New Normal


With the investments of enterprises on public/private cloud service, there will be more enterprises promising to multiple suppliers of cloud services simultaneously. For example, there will be more companies using dual-source public cloud services to avoid vendor lock-in rather than choosing Amazon web service as the only business, which makes the data service more efficient. Without this function, the deployments of enterprises will be as inefficient as the utilization of tapes.

Storage/Temporary Storage to Be More Important


Augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become more and more popular. The analysis on these new data sources is very important for long-term business objectives, but when the analysis of results is more important than data itself, it is impractical and unnecessary to store data in long term. Although there will be a lot of data growth and be in need of permanent storage in the future, and the new datum generated by most networks are transient. They will soon surpass their practicability and be discarded. After that, even if the amount of data is growing exponentially, the growth of storage space will not be as much as we expect.

More Content Delivery Networks


Content delivery network is the main reason leading to unable access and low performance. For the expensive and complex vendor solutions, there have been alternatives. It is expected that more companies use public cloud services and infrastructures defined by software to construct and operate their own CDN. Although these DIY CDNs can not provide comprehensive service solutions, and they will offer more streamlined, cost-effective solutions for the old traditional architecture.

Machine Learning to Be the Core of Enterprises


The unique feature of nowadays' machine learning technology is that most of it emerge from "open source". This means that many different products and services are taking machine learning tech to their platform. Therefore, more enterprises will adopt machine learning in the future. However, they may not know why they apply it, and maybe it is due to that suppliers are actively using ML to make their products smarter. In addition, the existing products will also soon use various machine learning, by updating it as an extra delivery.

More Enterprises to Take Metadata As the New Revenue Source


These systems used in Google or Facebook are designed to collect and store large amounts of metadata. As the company's ability to analyze data is becoming increasingly powerful, data conversion will become increasingly important. Such as Netflix, it has successfully analyzed the similarities of client datum. Meaningful metadata, especially metadata that has been stored for a long time, can also be the focus of new products sold by vendors.

Above all is the introduction to five development trends of cloud market. It is expected that it will be beneficial for those who specialize in this field to have a better knowledge of the market and to keep pace with the trends.