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Solution for Wiring of Future Data Center

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As the data center plays a more important role in the functionings of global society and economy, the design and use mode of data centers and networks are also rapidly changed. In recent years, there have been significant changes in the role of the data center. The data center is no longer a repository of massive information, but a platform helpful to achieve all kinds of businesses and services. This has promoted the developments of various techs in a wide range, such as large data, Internet of things, and mobile Internet. Meanwhile, with the development of remote work and portable computing equipment, tablets and smart phones have been widely used.

Currently, more computing devices are equipped with the function of communication. It is claimed by a research institution, named as Gartner, that there will have been 26 billions of devices for interconnection in the Internet of things by 2020. Intelligent buildings/cities will also produce an amount of datum. All of things will lead to the further changes and demands on the networks of data centers and the structured wiring techs.

Taking Data Center As the Backbone


Till now, most of contents are delivered in the local data centers. However, nowadays, what we see more is traffic in and out of stations, and millions of people all over the world are incessantly accessing data and servers. The data center has also become more virtualized, and its service utilization is quite high. In addition, enterprises and (government)agencies rely on key processes, and hope to be protected, so as to avoid technical downtime and maintenance plan/system failure.

If there are too many users sharing the same one among the available bandwidths, the bandwidth will be reduced to the extent that it is unavailable. Even though many people considering 1G bandwidth is enough for use, and it is sensible to choose the maximum bandwidth in the predictable future. Currently, it seems that the problem about excess capacity happens, while it will be the necessary configuration and standard in future. The best wiring solution suitable for the future development of network, possibly is CAT6A series and CAT8 series optic fiber and the wiring standard of RJ45 connector.

Monitoring Network


It is important for people to realize that the technical solutions utilizing massive datum may be astonishing in expansion speed, but the backbone wiring can not be simply implemented and doubled every few years. Therefore, the data center network needs advance design, careful implementation, and management. Network visibility is helpful to significantly improve the performance of the network, to shorten the response time, and cater for the future network. This requires the latest documents passing accurate audit. Furthermore, it is also necessary to know all ports, switchers, cable links and routers, as well as to know the exact connection locations and conditions when they are connected at any time. Monitoring can also allow staff to find the weaknesses to improve the security of the network, and formulate the improvement and upgrade of the data center. However, this solution should not be added after the completion of the project, but at the beginning stage of the design. Without proper planning and implementation, infrastructure management may take a lot of time and cause the unnecessary costs, making inventory integration difficult.

The integration of Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)/Intelligent Physical Layer Management (IPLM) with energy, architecture, and other systems may provide higher efficiency. And the advancement of IIM technology bring optic fiber able to automatic tracking and copper cables, and the possibility of interconnecting without the need of additional wires. The single security control of IIM platform is with more flexibility and can provide a convincing reason in power monitoring/the report of management and environment report.

Solution for Wiring of Intelligent Data Center


The addition of the communication access point (TAP) module improves the performance of continuous monitoring network and application program. It can be fully integrated into the wiring infrastructures by passive optic fiber. By utilizing proper management system, the utilization rate of interface and the prosperity will be improved. Simultaneously, network resources can be effectively utilized; the downtime can be reduced; the utilization rate of prosperity can be raised; a lot of time can be saved. Besides, adopting network components with accurate and real-time inventory can ensure the connections and the normal and non-activation status of devices, also avoid assigning multiple tasks to one port. If it is necessary, the "missing" devices can be detected and optimized, or even close the device, which improves the efficiency, reduces the time-consuming and non-automatic wiring management. IIM is helpful to reduce the utilization of power, apparently decreasing the cost, also helpful for organizations to comply with strict regulations. In addition, its biggest advantage is to make analysis and copy quicker and easier.

The continuous change of data center is due to the new working way brought by portable devices to a large degree. After that, the applications in industries such as in government, business and financial services, etc, will be greatly changed. The operators of data center are faced with the challenges in maintaining availability at a high level and in improving efficiency and reducing cost. This requires a new way to build infrastructure. Therefore, in the aspect of structured cabling, it is necessary to take account that this failure will cause serious problems. After all, the wiring must support successive generations of active devices. Its reliability, quality, usability and bandwidth must be as high as possible.

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