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Gigalight Data Center Cabling Solution Sparkled in OCP 2018

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OCP (Open Compute Project Summit),founded by Facebook, its core members including Microsoft,Intel etc., is held in San Jose, California in every March. OCP is renowned to be the most influential summit in Data Center industry, leading the technology and application development of Data Center market.

Gigalight, the global optical interconnection design innovator, launched the V-Aggregator data center cabling solution, sparkled in OCP 2018. Visitors focused on it especially, and it also got praise by customers. Gigalight is following the step of data center era, continuing to design professional data center solutions. Gigalight has got the solution to achieve high density 192×100G inside rack, operated with an excellent level of artistic and horizontal view also cared the simple installation and the most optimized cost.

V-Aggregator interconnection solution

Gigalight provides the V-Aggregator interconnection solution of high density 192×100G MPO8 between servers and switches, which total size is only 10cm×10cm×32U (Width Depth Height). The concept of sideplane solves the difficult that connecting operation of large quantity fibers inside rack, operation under horizontal view with simple and artistic feeling. V-Aggregator module can be hung or placed on the side of rack directly. The only thing you need to do is to connect the optical connectors from your servers to the adapters of right or left V-Aggregator, with the same height position. Inside the V-Aggregator, Gigalight provides the pre-ended exchange cabling module with low insertion loss and high reliability already, and the polarity of MPO interface will be tested and qualified before shipped. So it is one-stop delivery for the solution of sideplane and AOC, perfectly to ensure the artistic of the interconnection cables and the convenient installation & maintenance.

Gigalight considers the compatibility for different racks in design and development, designing multiple version of sideplane. The optical interface of sideplane could be LC dual or MT parallel. One version is dual pigtail AOC solution that uses the MM fiber for short distance interconnection. The quantity of MPO connectors is decreased by 50%. Two 100G QSFP28 transceivers share one MPO24 to save the cost and panel space.

Gigalight V-Aggregator solution is flexible. In onsite deployment, you can enjoy the modular assembly, connect the data center devices with horizontal view and short distance, both inside rack and between racks, make the cabling simple and fast. At the same time, for the future the V-Aggregator, it can be updated to the application for 200G and 400G, which is the MTP16 and MTP32 interface.

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator in the optical communication industry, providing high-quality and reliable solutions for the optical interconnection market. The V-Aggregator solution launched in 2018 OCP summit sparkled in the show, which was the approval from our customers again. Gigalight provides a series of optical interconnect products, including optical transceivers, passive optical components, active optical cables, MTP/MPO cabling, HD video optical modules, and smart fiber tools for mainly three applications which are Data Center & Cloud Computing, Metro Area Network (MAN) & Broadcast Optical Network, and Wireless & 5G Optical Communication. Gigalight takes the advantage of exclusive design to provide clients with one-stop optical network devices and cost-effective customized service.

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