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Gigalight Announces the Completion of 40G/120G High-speed Copper Cable Assembly Solutions

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Shenzhen, China, April 21, 2014 − Gigalight High-speed Copper Cable assembly product line includes four product series:


1. External MINI-SAS High-speed Passive Copper Cable assembly. 2. 10G SFP+ Active or Passive Copper cable assembly. 3, 40G QSFP+ active or passive copper cable assembly. 4, 120G CXP passive copper cable assembly. 


External MINI-SAS High-speed Passive Copper Cable assembly has four lanes, each lane supports up to 6Gb/s, and is complaint with SFF-8086 and SFF-8088, reaches up to 5meter. It is widely used in SATA Storage Device and RAID environment for intra-rack connection. 


Gigalight High-speed copper cable assembly Product line includes four product series


10G SFP+ Active or Passive copper cable assembly is complaint with SFF-8431, and supports 10G Ethernet, 8G Fiber Channel and Infiniband. Gigalight 10G SFP+ active or passive copper cable assemble provide cost-effective solution for intra-rack connections within a data center environment. 10G SFP+ Active copper cable assembly reaches 12 meter with EDC function, and 10G SFP+ passive copper assembly reaches 7 meter. 


QSFP+ active or passive copper cable assembly transmits 4 x 10Gb/s full-duplex signal. 


Gigalight’s newly developed QSFP+ active copper cable assembly with maximum power consumption only at 0.8W, and reach of 12meter. The primary application is 40G Ethernet, Infiniband(SDR/DDR/QDR) and Fiber Channel(8G FC and 10G FC) for parallel high-speed transition applications.


120G CXP Passive Copper Cable assembly has 12 lanes, each lane supports up to 10.3Gb/s.  It is complaint with SFF-8642 and Infiniband. This product is most widely used in Infiniband 12x SDR/QDR/DDR Device and Ethernet environment for intra-rack connection.  The maximum reach is up to 4 meter


Gigalight the Direct-attached copper series provide a smooth and economical upgrade solution for data center intra-rack connections.


About Gigalight:

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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