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Gigalight Home-made 10G Components (TOSA, ROSA) Successfully Passed the Reliability Test

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Shenzhen, China, May 31, 2010 -- Recently, Shenzhen BestJ Testing Technology declared Gigalight home-made 10G components (TOSA, ROSA) successfully passed the reliability test of Telcordia Bellcore, which included mechanical impact testing, variable-frequency vibration testing, thermal shock testing and ESD testing. The test result concluded the mechanical integrity and consistency of Gigalight home-made components completely meet the Bellcore GR-468-CORE standard. At the same time,10G SFP+ SR and 10G XFP-SR also passed the reliability test. This test result marks that Gigalight 10G devices packaging technology is fully mature, the excellent performance is able to fully meet customer demands in different environment applications.

From 2006, Gigalight started to invest in photoelectric core devices packaging technology and productions. Through continuous self-innovation and experience accumulation, In domestic, Gigalight has mastered the first-class vertical integration capability from core to TO, TO to module packaging, and absolute cost competitive advantage in industry.

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