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Gigalight Provides All-sided 100G VCSEL Optical Transceivers

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Shenzhen, China, Feb 14th, 2017 – There are various kinds of 100G VCSEL series products in Gigalight, till February 2017. Gigalight is capable of providing 100G multimode VCSEL optical transceivers with packaging technology as follows:

CFPX series: CFP SR10 , CFP SR4*, CFP2 SR10, CFP2 SR4*, CFP4 SR4

QSFP28 series:QSFP28 SR4,QSFP28 AOC

The result that Gigalight is playing a pretty important role in the global optical interconnection field completely owes to the persistence of 10 years adhering to the VCSEL technology strategy. Despite of the fact that Gigalight does not produce VCSEL chips by themself, the close relation between Gigalight and global VCSEL chips supply chain is being strongly maintained. Gigalight is patented with multiple unique and mature technologies with FA; fiber optic LENS, which shares the same angle with FA, and multi-mode parallel optical engine. Due to years’ VCSEL technology platform from 10G to 40G, and to 100G multi-mode parallel optical transceivers, Gigalight always remains the first level in the global VCSEL optical transceivers industry. 

Regarding to the 100G VCSEL series optical transceivers, Gigalight is able to provide both fully dimensional products and multiple alternatives for customers. Simultaneously, the compatibility is outstanding. Speaking from the perspective of industry recognition, Gigalight can be regarded as the leading manufacturer of multi-mode VCSEL technology, and actually is only second to Finisar. Compared with other manufacturers of first-rate VCSEL optical transceivers, the technology is about to be equally matched. The only difference rests with the advantages of low cost and expandability that Gigalight possesses.

When it comes to CFP equipments, the original 100G CFP SR4 & 100G CFP2 SR4 multi-mode optical transceivers with gearbox chips installed inside that Gigalight developed could solve the issue of lateral interconnection between 100G CFP old interface device and 100G BASE-SR4 new customers. Briefly speaking, it realizes the interconnection between the 100G SFP multi-mode interface and QSFP 28 multi-mode interface.

Low cost: on account that both of the technologies of VCSEL optical transceivers and production platform are created by Gigalight itself, and the cost of coaxial package technology and COB technology have been optimized to be close to the edge. The advantage in delivery has leaded Gigalight to winning strong support from the suppliers. Moreover, almost zero refund rate of multi-mode VCSEL products that Gigalight keeps helps to reduce the cost.

Challenge & opportunity: currently, the main problem lies in the transmission bandwidth of multi-mode fiber along with the improvement of modulation rate of VCSEL, which requires other VCSEL with different features to be matched with. For example, if one adopts PAM4 to transmit signals, then the VCESEL will be needed to have a fairly wide dynamic range of modulation. For the future high-speed 200G/400G VCSEL optical transceivers, Gigalight’s VCSEL optical transceiver will use the same technical framework and the same technology platform, mutual penetration between platforms. By making sure that the core components of multi-mode parallel optical transceivers’ optical engines will be developed toward the future 200G/400G optical transceivers modulated by PAM4, the nature of hero can still be shown.

About Gigalight

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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