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25G Series Products of Gigalight Will Cater for New Ages of Data Center

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Shenzhen, China, October 30, 2017 – Gigalight today announced that it has launched its data center & cloud computing solution for the global market.


Product Model

Working rate












Multimodal 850nm





Optical transceiver

optical fiber 850nm




SFP28 optical transceiver

optical fiber



25G SFP28(AOC)Checker





1)25GE DAC :

Made of 26AWG cable and compatible with agreements,SFF-8402 and SFF-8432,its maximum transmission distance is 5 meters and its COM minimum parameter of integrated performance assessment is 3db. Based on tools and procedures developed by Gigalight themselves about wire stripping, thermocompression bonding and automatic testing, this product can achieve the volume production under the high performance rate. Compared with 10G DAC, there is big difference in producing and developing. 25GE is close to present maximum limitation in the high-frequency performance of electricity. So it has to be produced according to the standard in the field, and must have a strict test for the parameter about mesh point. Meanwhile, any incomplete technology will result in the failure of qualified products’producing. Well, It’s such kind of strict standards that guarantee 25GE cable produced by Infiberone is with high consistency and impedance matching. In the applications of data center, 25GE DAC has strength about the cost and power dissipation(close to 0) in the link path lower than 5 meters absolutely.


Gigalight has started to develop and produce 10G DAC in 2009. In 2011, 40G QSFP DAC/120G CXP DAC has began to be produced. In 2015, the development and producing of 25G/100G DAC have been prepared. Meanwhile, the various bottleneck problems about volume production of 25G/100G DAC have been also overcome recently. At present, the productivity of Gigalight’s 25G DAC is about 2.5k per month.

2)25GE AOC :

25GE AOC is made of OM4 optic fiber, guaranteeing 25G AOC can be transmitted to the 100meters at least. Based on the IC plan ahead of others in the field, the maximum power dissipation within the Total Air Temperature range of its single end is 1W. 25G AOC adopts self-developed COB tech platform and key optical engine design. COB is applied in optical communication, and there exists some challenges hard to be overcome in its reliability. But its sealed structure can help to effectively ease or entirely eliminate hidden trouble in reliability caused by non-hermetic packaging. Gigalight’s unique multimode engine design can make 25G AOC pass the double-85 test about reliability completely. In this field, up to now, even some lead companies still have no way to overcome troubles in the consistency and reliability of 10G COB tech. The power dissipation within the Total Air Temperature range of Gigalight’s single end is lower than 0.7W,far lower than the standards of power dissipation that the LEVEL requires. Due to strong supply chain support and advantages of tech in multimode VCSEL product, Gigalight’s 25G AOC also have great strengths in cost.


AOC is Gigalight’s important products. Since Gigalight pushed out AOC series products in 2011, it has been 5years, during which Gigalight make a great progress on the COB tech and automatic production. Now, Gigalight is able to supply 25G/100G AOC products for markets in large volumes.We trust the market price will be lower than $65 with the wide applications of 25G AOC. At present, Gigalight has a plan for the productivity of 25G AOC, which is about 20 K per month.


3)25GE SR Optical Module:


Gigalight 25G SFP28 SR optical module is similar to 25G AOC in tech. Compared with 25G AOC , 25G SR optical module need more exquisite packaging tech and pass stricter test about the reliability. The optical eye diagram margin of recently-developed 25G SFP28 SR optical module is at 35-55%, and its RMS Jitter is lower than 1.3PS,passing the dulble-85 environment test with 500 hours.


4)25GE LR Optical Module:


The transmission distance of 25GE SFP28 LR optical module is 10KM.It uses 1310NM DFB coaxial laser, installed CDR inside, working at 0-70°, lower than 1.5W about its maximum power dissipation.

5)25G checker:

Gigalight 25G Checker, portable, practical, high-quality and low-cost one, is used for optical power test, error rate test and connectivity test of 25G optical module, also used for code-reading and code-writing of cloud server.

Result from that the bandwidth of 25GE series products is increased by 2.5 times under the same physical density and its cost per bit slows down fast with the volume applications, Gigalight believes that 25GE series products will become the next portal speed rate of optical communication like 1GE products of 15 years ago, and it may be adopted in center data in large volumes first. While 50G may just be applied in the business two or three years later duo to the physical maximum limitation in optics and electricity.

About Gigalight:

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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