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Gigalight Expands the Sites of Passive BU

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Shenzhen, China, February 26, 2011 – Passive BU of Gigalight Technology Co., Ltd moves to a new site where is located in 3F, Main Building Shekou Technology Building. The new production and office space is up to 2000 square meters, and the production area adopts high quality world-class clean workshop with advanced PLC splitters, CWDM/DWDM , optical passive modules and PM devices production lines.

With FTTX network construction in full swing, Passive BU of Gigalight has developed rapidly since the second half of year 2010. The monthly productive capacity of PLC splitter lines is 20k and CWDM/DWDM lines are 5000 pcs at present. PM products are undertaking orders from home and abroad.

Enlarging the new sites of Passive BU can not only expand existing productive capacity, but also implement the vertical integrated low-cost strategy. Recently, Gigalight will finish cutting key chip and expanding productive capacity of optical devices.

The next coming year will be critical for Passive BU of Gigalight. With larger production base and continued support from customers, the company is planning to invest and develop the passive key modules and strengthen the horizontal cooperation, which will help improve the entire Passive BU's coordinated operational capacity and contribution to the whole company business. Passive BU is striving for achieving innovation and technical breakthrough of passive high-end products in two years.

About Gigalight:

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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