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Gigalight Launches 3G Video SFP Transceivers

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Shenzhen, China, August 24, 2011 − Gigalight recently launches its 3G Video SFP, which satisfies signal transferring of 3 kinds like SD-SDI(270M bps),HD-SDI(1.485G bps) and 3G-SDI(2.97 G bps). The module is mainly used in the application of long distance and HD video signal transferring, including 4 models like dual Tx, dual Rx, dual transceiver and single Tx/Rx. The range of transferring distance is from 10KM to 80KM.


The significant difference than traditional module is 3G video SFP effectively solves the influence of Pathological patterns in signal transferring and enough band-with.


Gigalight's 3G video SFP adopts MCU control and be with high accuracy DDM function, meets the agreement request of SMPTE 424M,292M,259M-C,SMPTE 297 and so on. The success of 3G video SFP is a significant step that Gigalight goes to video optical communication fields.

About Gigalight:

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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