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Gigalight Announces the Using of New Production Base

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Shenzhen, China, April 11, 2010 – Gigalight announces that a modernized 100-thousand-grade purification workshop covering an area of over 2000 square meters is put into use.

The new workshop is located on the fifth floor of Shekou Technology Auxiliary Building, No.7 Shekou Indy Road, Nanshan District Shenzhen, on the production of optical transceiver module 150,000pcs. Gigalight also owes another 100-thousand-grade purification workshop, 1000 square meters, for passive optical components in the sub-building of Shekou Technology Auxiliary Building. What’s more, Gigalight keeps a workshop of 600 square meters for high-speed optical components package production line and a spare workshop with area about 1000 square meters located at the official address. (Official address: The West 2F, Chuang Ye Yinzhang Bldg. Keji C.Road 1st, High Tech Industry Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, Zip Code 518057)

Gigalight headquarter and Marketing Center, now move to Shekou Technology Main Building. The New office is designed and decorated by Haidi, a famous local design company in Shenzhen, where is in simple and modern style dedicating to create a sense of communication platform and learning environment to our employees and guests. In the lounge, meeting rooms and office areas are installed HDTV, high-brightness LED display, large -screen projection curtain wall and etc.

Previously, under the constraints of the website size and historical development planning, our brand and capacity could not be perfectly displayed to the audience. But the new headquarters and production base will fully demonstrate Gigalight's growing strength and style today.

About Gigalight:

Gigalight is global optical interconnection design innovator that focuses on high-end optical network products and solutions in three main applications: Data Center & Cloud Computing, MAN & Mobile Base Station, and Video & Consumer Optics. With more than 10 years' experience in optics industry, Gigalight has become a leader in global market of optical communications.

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