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Gigalight Launching QSFP 40G Active Copper Cable

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Shenzhen, P.R.China(July 21, 2010), today Gigalight introduces its 4x10G QSFP active copper cable. It's another significant optical interconnecting product after SFP+ copper cable which was launched in January 2010.

QSFP+ 40G active copper cable(direct attach cables) supports 4 channels full duplex electric signal with speed 1.0Gbps~10.3Gbps and cable length up to 10m(23AWG).

This product is mainly used in 4x10G high-speed paralleling data link like Ethernet(IEEE P802.2ba), Infiniband(SDR/DDR/QDR) and fiber channels(8GFC&10GFC)

This product has low power-consumption, outstanding EMI performance and QSFP package which is completely in compliance with SFF-8436 and INF-8438 standard. Meanwhile, the Gigalight patented DDMI technology, which is realized by the I2C interface of MCU, is also applied to this product .


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