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Gigalight and Editron Enhance Cooperation in Korean Telecommunications Market

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Shenzhen, China, January 05, 2010 – Gigalight announces todaythat it will enhance cooperation with Editron Company to better develop and serve Korean telecommunications market.

On December 30, 2009, the two companies have signed one new agency agreement, aiming to further the partner relations for both sides. 

Prior to that, both have carried out close cooperation in the past 2 years during which they succeeded in developing several leading clients in Korean telecommunications industry.  

Editron business operates from 1998, is one well-known distributor of

communication components in Korea.   


“Korean telecommunications market is obviously characterized as high quality focus and also cost sensitive, this may put many components vendors very narrowmargin or even inadaptable.” says Mr Lee, CEO of Gigalight. “But we always integrate Editron and other customers’ high requirements with our continuous internal improvement on technology and overall capacities, now our progresses have been well recognized by customers on our R&D, Q&A and manufacturing. We can say that we have had a very successful coordination with Editron.”    

 Steve Kim, from Editron agrees, “In the past 2 years we have established very interactive and harmonic relationship together. Our mutual goal is to better serve the Korean clients with Gigalight’s products at unparalleledcost/performance ratio. From our clients’ responses and our own observation, in 2010 we can expect the telecommunications industry to benefit much more from Gigalight’s leading technology and excellent management.”

Currently, Gigalight has complete product range including optical transceivers from 155M to 10G, FTTX passive components like PLC Splitter, WDM and MEMS. All of them are either stand-alone hardware devices or configuration-optional hardware-software integrations with total compatibility and cost-efficiency.   

One of Gigalight’s global marketing strategies is to cooperate with target countries’ local distributors on promoting its products application in communication systems, as well to share mutual business growth with all business partners at the same time.     

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