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Gigalight 400G Silicon Photonics Chip Is Selected as the 2018 Key Technology Project of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee and Will Be Funded

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Shenzhen, China, Jul 9, 2018 – The Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee announced a number of major scientific and technological tackling projects. The key technology research and development of 400G Silicon Photonics Chip applied to data centers, which is led by Gigalight and three Chinese organizations, is also on the list. After the announcement, the project will be funded by the Chinese government.

The Simulation Diagram of Gigalight 400G Silicon Photonics Optical Transceiver

The Simulation Diagram of Gigalight 400G Silicon Photonics Optical Transceiver

The R&D goal of this project is to achieve silicon based monolithic integration of four channel MZI modulator, four channel SiGe photodetector and optical coupler. Then, the research and development of low power 400G PSM4 Silicon Photonics optical transceiver for 400G data center will be completed on the Gigalight technology platform. Before declaring this project, Gigalight has made a major breakthrough in the light source package of the 100G Silicon Photonics optical transceiver, and will soon formally publish the related industrial products.

The upgrading of the data center to the 400G deployment leads to the demand for the 400G optical transceivers, and to achieve a short distance 400G optical transmission, in addition to our well known VCSEL technology based on PAM4 CDR, the Silicon Photonics technology becomes a more attractive option because of its low power, low cost, and rate ductility. In the long run, the Silicon Photonics technology will revolutionize the ecology of the next generation of data centers. In the trend of Silicon Photonics, Gigalight selects the parallel Silicon Photonics chip as a breakthrough, because the multi-channel parallel optical transceiver conforms to the characteristics of transparent data transmission link and manageable traffic.

The explosion of big data is more or less surprising. According to the forecast, by 2020, the Shenzhen city of ten million population will produce a daily data of 2 billion Gbits, equivalent to 1000 times the total of all libraries in the United States. The flow explosion and data center throughput led the development of optical interconnection technology. Silicon Photonics platform is the last and the most difficult technology platform for Gigalight to perfect the deployment of optical interconnection technology. The main reason is that the platform has gathered the characteristics of semiconductor technology, optical design and packaging process, as well as the integration of R&D resources, and the breakthroughs in each field are at the technology forefront.

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