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Gigalight Introduces 120Gbps CXP Interconnect Products

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        June 3rd, 2013 --Shenzhen Gigalight Technology Co., Ltd introduced high-speed 120Gbps CXP Active Optical Cable and CXP-SR10 Transceivers. These products uses Gigalight self-developed optical engine core component, which integrates an internal 12-channel VCSEL Array and PIN Array design and provides 12 parallel data channels. Each Channel is up to 10.5Gbps rate, the total bandwidth is up to 126Gbps, and the transmission distance is up to 300 meters on a multi-mode OM3 fiber optic cable. They apply to 12X QDR InfiniBand links and are compatible to requirements of 100G Ethernet Networks 100GBase-SR10 under IEEE 802.3ba.



        Since 120Gb / s CXP AOC active optical cables has no exposed optical interface, interfaces contamination is not a problem, they can be flexibly deployed for data centers and high-performance computer clusters. Digital diagnostic functions (DDM) is not built in the CXP AOC in order to reduce cost. Power consumption of each end of CXP AOC is less than 2.5w which is comply with the CXP Power class 3. Custom lengths are available upon request. 120Gbps CXP transceiver provide Multimode 24-fiber MPO optical interface, and built-in digital diagnostic functions. The typical power consumption is also less than 2.5w. Gigalight also developed 120G BER tester for CXP Mass Production.


        120Gb / s CXP product family further completes Gigalight data center interconnect product line for data centers and high-performance computer clusters.It is also the first 120G high-speed interconnect product which achieves commercial production with low cost so far. Gigalight is entering the top level of the global Active Optical Cable (AOC) industry.


        Gigalight currently has deployed optical interconnect products in domestic data centers, which includes 10Gb / s SFP + AOC, 40Gb / s QSFP + AOC and 120Gb / s CXP AOC. These active fiber optic cable products provide the simplest alternative for copper interconnects of the data center.


        Gigalight will closely track the application needs of next-generation data center speed, high-density, low-power, grasp the development trend of cloud computing, deepen relationships with customers worldwide, and continually provide customers with cost-effective optical interconnect solutions.

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