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Gigalight Gains 8 More Patents Protection Recently

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Shenzhen, China, October 08, 2009 – Gigalight always pursue technical innovation and emphasize patents protection on intellectual property.

Recently, Gigalight has gained another 8 patents, include 2 design patents and 6 utility model patent, details as below:

1. Certificate attained: design patent: SFP Transceivers(SFP03), patent No 200830155944.1光收发模块(SFP03)&ipc=14-03

2. Has been authorized to pay the annual patent fees, and can get the certificates in 2 months.

Design patent: XFP Transceiver(XFP);

Utility model patent:

a. One kind of single fiber bi-directionalassembly (module)

b. One kind of digital diagnostic function SFPmodule based on MCU control unit

c. One kind of pull-push unlock fixture forXFPmodule 

d. One kind of hot-plugSFPmodule structure with USB port

3. Utility model patents in final auditing:

a. One kind of Ethernet connector with USB port               

b. One kind of wavelength-controllable DWDM SFP

In China, three different types of patent protection may be obtained, namely an invention patent, a utility model patent, and a design patent.

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