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Giglight Releases 10G SFP+/XFP BIDI Optical Transceiver Modules

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Shenzhen, China, Sept.28th.Shenzhen Gigalight Technology Co;ltd (Gigalight) has officially launched SFP+/XFP BIDI optical transceiver modules applying for bit-rate of both 10.3125G and 9.953G,which is compliant with IEEE 802.3ae international standard on 10GBSASE-BX. It has excellent performance and conformity by continually adopting 10G high speed design experience. And XFP BIDI supports two different Loopback mode (XFI loopback mode and Line loopback), providing MSD with better Service and Support.


The series products adopt self-designed BOSA devices with LC interface and provide WDM 1270TX/1330RX, 1330TX/1270RX packaging. It has good heat dissipation performance, EMI feature and meets s with SFP+ XFP MSA agreements by adopting self-designed housing. The new unlock design can make modules automatically recoil by module device its’ own elasticity, which is matching better with switching interfaces. The new design of devices and housing unlock is to apply for patent.

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