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Gigalight Completion of the Passive Components New Factory

Number of visits: Date:2012-5-30 16:34


    Gigalight recently has formally inaugurated 5000 square meters of passive components new factory in in Baoan Changfeng industrial park.
    The new factory is located in the beautiful Chengfeng Industrial Park, 68 district of Baoan. There are a total of three layers, which will be mainly used in PLC optical splitter and micro-optics CWDM/DWDM device of research and production. The new factory adopts million-grade clean standard design, at present have been put into operation.
    In response to customer demand, in 2012, Gigalight is beginning to do large-scale investment for the passive product line and trying to reduce production costs through the ability to scale and raise the level of technology achieved a good market success. At present, Gigalight PLC line monthly production capacity has exceeded 1 million number of channels and the micro-optics line monthly production capacity has more than 20,000 channel number.
    Based on the customer and supply chain support, Gigalight is expected to become the world's largest PLC of optical splitter packaging production base in 2012.

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