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Gigalight Launching 80KM SFP+ Long Distance Transcevier

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Shenzhen, P.R.China(August 10, 2010)-Shenzhen Gigalight Technology Co.LTD. today introduced it's 80KM SFP+ serie of transceivers for 8G/10G fiber channel and 10GE, GPP-55192-ZRC and GCP -XX191-ZRC. GPP-55192-ZRC supports standard  wavelength 1550nm, supported distance up to 80KM, while GCP-XX192-ZRC provides 80KM long distance link at standard CWDM wavelength. Both two products are completely compatible with SFF-8431 MSA and IEEE802.2ae.

Combiningindustry cutting-edge low power-consumption chips and optical components with Gigalight's accumulation of technology in design of Hi-speed signal and fixing of high density circuit radiating mechanism, Gigalight 80KM SFP+ serie integrate EML laser with cooling, APD RoSA, TEC Temperature controlling circuit, low-Jitter rate-selectable limiting amplifier amplifier in a extreme small standard SFP space, and achieved excellent wavelength stability and high receiving sensitivity. Typical power consumption of this product is 1.4W, only half of power consumption of  similar products from other vendors.

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