• Name: Gigalight Standard 10G SFP+ Optical Transceivers
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Product overview

The Gigalight® 10GBASE SFP+ modules give you a wide variety of 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center, enterprise wiring closet, and service provider transport applications.

Features and benefits

Gigalight SFP+ modules offer the following features and benefits.

   Industry’s smallest 10G form factor for greatest density per chassis

   Hot-swappable input/output device that plugs into an Ethernet SFP+ port (no need to power down if installing or replacing)

   Supports "pay-as-you-populate" model for investment protection and ease of technology migration

   Digital optical monitoring capability for strong diagnostic capabilities

   Optical interoperability with 10GBASE XENPAK, 10GBASE X2, and 10GBASE XFP interfaces on the same link


   10G Ethernet

   10G Fibre Channel


   Other 10G optical links


Ordering Information


Datasheet download Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI
GPP-31192-LRMC 10Gbps 220m 1310nm FP PIN Y
GPP-85192-SRC 10Gbps 300m 850nm VSCEL PIN Y
GPP-31192-02C 10Gbps 2km 1310nm FP PIN Y
GPP-31192-LRC 10Gbps 10km 1310nm DFB PIN Y
GPP-31192-LRT 10Gbps 10km 1310nm DFB PIN Y
GPP-31192-L2C 10Gbps 20km Uncooled DFB / Y
GPP-31192-ERC 10Gbps 40km 1310nm DFB APD Y
GPP-55192-ERC 10Gbps 40km Cooled EML PIN Y
GPP-55192-ZRC 10Gbps 80km Cooled EML APD Y

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