• Name: 10G X2 Transceivers
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Features (GX2-55192-ZRC)

 X2 MSA Compliant

 70-PIN connector

 SC duplex receptacle package

 1550nm Cooled EA-DFB and APD-PD

 Power supply: +5.0 V, +3.3 V, APS:+1.2 V

 Power Dissipation 3.5W Maximum

 0ºC to 70ºC Operating Case Temperature

 Digital Diagnostic Monitoring

 Management and control with MDIO 2-wire bus

 XAUI electrical interface 4 x 3.125 Gb/s Ethernet

 80km ER 10GBE

 RoHS6 compliant and lead free



 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission systems


Ordering information


Datasheet Download Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI
GX2-31192- LRMC 10Gbps 220m 1310nm DFB PIN Y
GX2-85192-SRC 10Gbps 300m 850nm VSCEL PIN Y
GX2-31192-LRC 10Gbps 10km 1310nm DFB PIN Y
GX2-55192-ERC 10Gbps 40km Cooled EA-DFB PIN Y
GX2-55192-ZRC 10Gbps 80km Cooled EA-DFB APD Y