• Name: GIGAC™ MTP/MPO Polarity Checker
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MPO/MTP MM Patchcord Polarity Checker is used to detect the polarity and connection status of MM MPO/MTP fiber Optical patchcord, including 4,8,12 cores. The maximum length of fiber detected is 450m for MMF. Its single detection time is less than 1 second in near checking mode and 4 seconds in far checking mode. It can work continuously over 20 hours without USB power supply. The checker displays the connection status of fiber optical patchcord by GUI which has the same operation interface as it.



 Detect the polarity and connection status of MM MPO/MTP Patchcord;

 Default test Polarity A, B, C and R;

 Study and record the other polarity of MPO/MTP Patchcord;

High reliability, low power consumption and continuing working time over 20 hours;

 Friendly and simple GUI;

 Internal 1800mAh lithium battery;

 Mini-USB interface;

▪ Buzzer warning.



 MPO Patchcord, MPO adapter, Mini-USB cable, power adapter.


GUI Work Platform

▪ WinXP 32bit and Win7 32bit



Production line and data center fiber check

Detection of the polarity of 4,8,12 cores MM MPO/MTP patchcord

▪ Detection of the connection status of MM MPO/MTP patchcord

▪ Studying and detection of the other polarity