Optical transceiver cloud programmer v1.0 is designed to allow the user to re-program Gigalight transceiver modules (v1.0 supports SFP/ SFP+ and XFP) in the field to save time and money for the users. You can quickly modify your optical transceivers to keep up with changing needs. This flexibility allows the optical transceivers to be compatible with over 20 different Network Equipment leading vendors.



· Online re-programing for compatibility with more than 20 different Network Equipment leading vendors, offer customized compatible codes;
· Support Gigalight SFP/SFP+/XFP form factor;
· Updating and maintaining Compatible codes from Gigalight Could database;
· Tuning DWDM tunable XFP or SFP+ to s specific Channel(80 Channels with 50GHz Spacing);
· Robust and Slim Design, Portable and Handheld;
· Driver free, Window 10, 64 bit.



 Changing the wavelength of the Tunable SFP+ & XFP 

 Reading and Writing the EEPROM of SFP & XFP module

 Checking the status of the module

▪ DDM monitor 


Client software:  


Watch the video: 


We have 2 versions for you:

Public Compatibility Codes Version


Fee: $US1000 including Cloud Encoder and Public Compatibility Codes stored in Gigalight servers.


Customized Compatibility Codes Version


Fee: $US1500 as an upgrade of public compatibility codes version, It adds customized compatibility codes, and supports customized PN and VN. The customized codes will be input to Gigalight server and authorized to download for customers.

download attachments : Gigalight Cloud Programmer 【Preview】