• Name: Gigalight 12G-SDI Optical Extenders
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12G-SDI fiber optical extender makes possible transmission of two lanes of 12G SDI signals in long-distance,which are independent.The maximum transmission distances can reach 80km at 3G-SDI daterate and 20km at 12G-SDI datarate. Operating datarate is from 125Mbps to 11.88Gbps.Besides,MADI, DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G UHD–SDI formats are backward compatible.

Two lanes of SDI signals are transmitted and received independently.

With gigalight 12/6/3G SDI SFP transceivers,it extends one or two lanes of SDI signals.


 SD,HD,3G,6G,12G input datarate detected Automatically, 125M/270M/1.48G/3G/6G/12G datarate selected both automatically and manually

 Rreachable distance: 80km(@3G SDI SFP transceiver),

                               20km(@12G SDI SFP transceiver),

                               700m(@6G SDI SFP transceiver)

 Supported format : SMPTE ST 2082-1 (11.88Gbps/s),

                             SMPTE ST 2081-1 (5.94Gbps/s),

                             SMPTE ST 424 (2.97Gbps/s),

                             SMPTE ST 292 (1.485Gbps/s),

                             SMPTE ST 259(360Mb/s),

                             DVB-ASI(270Mb/s),MADI (125Mb/s)

 Co-axis cable equalizer embedded in the transmitter:

  70m at 11.88Gb/s: <0.2UI output jitter

  90m at 5.94Gb/s: <0.15UI output jitter

  180m at 2.97Gb/s: <0.1UI output jitter

  240m at 1.485Gb/s: <0.1UI output jitter

  300m at 270Mb/s: <0.1UI output jitter  

 CDR embedded in the receiver

 SDI signal connecting status indicated by LED

 5~12V DC power supply

 Friendly simple GUI 



▪ Live Broadcast

▪ 4K Screen

▪ 4K Camera

▪ Video Meeting

▪ Security Monitoring