The Gigalight 10G SFP+/XFP tunable box is designed to be used to change the wavelength of 10G tunable SFP+/XFP modules and monitor the DDM information. It can also help users to read or write the internal memory EEPROM of the Gigalight SFP/SFP+/XFP optics and display the details (Part Number, Vendor Name, etc.) and change the EEPROM (the Write protect password is required). By re-programing Gigalight transceiver optics in the field, it allows the Gigalight transceiver optics to be compatible with over 20 different leading network equipment vendors (Arista, Broadcom/Brocade, Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Juniper, etc.).


  • Updating and maintaining compatible codes from Gigalight Cloud database
  • Friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Robust and slim design with compact and portable full-metal case
  • Mini-USB connection
  • Driver free used in WinXP 32bit, Win7 32bit, Win8 64bit, Win10 64bit
  • 5V DC power supply


  • Changing the wavelength of the 10G tunable SFP+/XFP
  • Monitoring the DDM information of the 10G tunable SFP+/XFP
  • Checking the status of SFP/SFP+/XFP
  • Reading and writing the EEPROM of SFP/SFP+/XFP

Ordering Information

Product Description Product Number
10G SFP+/XFP Tunable Box 480701005