• Name: 48G Mini SAS HD AOC
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Gigalight Mini SAS HD Active Optical Cable is fully compliant to SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0 industry standards as well as the SFF -8644 interface standard. The managed interface includes connection discovery functionality, I2C bus communication, and the capability to customize labeling and MCU memory map extensions. Compared to conventional copper cables, longer, lighter, and flexible optical cables enable the ease of complicated data-center cablings. High-quality of 850nm VCSELs and PIN PDs are utilized in the AOC cables, with superior signal integrity and bit-error-rate performance, which enables reliable operation performance.



 Full duplex 4 channel 850nm parallel active optical cable

 Transmission data rate up to 12Gbps per channel

 SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD compliant

 Hot pluggable electrical interface

 Differential AC-Coupled high speed data interface

 4 channels 850nm VCSEL array

 4 channels PIN photo detector array

 Links up to 100m over OM3 MMF

 Low power consumption<1W (per end)

 Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C

 3.3V power supply voltage

 RoHs 10 compliant(lead free)

 Seamless backwards compatibility between the SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0



 Server/Storage,Work Stations

▪ HBAs Servers

▪ Storage Racks,RAIDs


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