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The Gigalight PM (Polarization Maintaining) PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitter is an optical power management device based on the quartz glass waveguide technology, precision and reliable fiber array, and miniaturized coupling package. Using PM fiber can make the two orthogonal linear polarized light transmitted stably, make their polarization state keep constant, which makes the PM fiber coupler/splitter realize PM coupling and splitting light. It is widely used in PON/ODN networks to realize optical signal power splitting with 1xN splitting ratio. Gigalight provides a series of customized PM PLC splitters with mini module or ABS box package to meet different requirements on port configuration, fiber type, fiber length, input connector, output connector, and the Panda eye angle.


  • Low Insertion Loss (IL)
  • High isolation
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
  • Compact design with adapters
  • Wide operating wavelength range
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • High reliability and high stability
  • Telcordia GR-1209-CORE-2001 compliant
  • Telcordia GR-1221-CORE-1999 compliant
  • ITU-T G.694.1 compliant
  • RoHS-6 compliant (lead free)


  • FTTH systems
  • PON networks
  • Optical fiber sensing systems
  • Aerospace and military applications

Ordering Information

Product Description Product Number
1×N PM PLC Splitters with Mini Module Package
PM PLC Splitter, 1×2, Mini Module GPB-102-MM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×4, Mini Module GPB-104-MM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×8, Mini Module GPB-108-MM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×16, Mini Module GPB-116-MM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×32, Mini Module GPB-132-MM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×64, Mini Module GPB-164-MM
1×N PM PLC Splitters with ABS Box Package
PM PLC Splitter, 1×2, ABS Box GPB-102-PS
PM PLC Splitter, 1×4, ABS Box GPB-104-PS
PM PLC Splitter, 1×8, ABS Box GPB-108-PS
PM PLC Splitter, 1×16, ABS Box GPB-116-PM
PM PLC Splitter, 1×32, ABS Box GPB-132-PL
PM PLC Splitter, 1×64, ABS Box GPB-164-PL

Note: The fiber type, fiber length, input connector, output connector, and the Panda eye angle can be customized. For details, please contact us. Email:

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