• Name: SFP+/XFP 10G Tunable Box
  • NO.: 220012
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The “Tunable BOX” is designed to be used to change the wavelength of tunable SFP+ and XFP modules,monitor DDM information.  It can also help you to read/write the internal memory EEPROM of the module and display details of the EEPROM (such as the Part Number, Vendor Name, description and range), change the EEPROM if you know the Write protect password.



· SFP+ &XFP Wavelength Tuning

· SFP &XFP status Checking

· Friendly graphic user interface (GUI)

· 5V DC power supply

· Small form & full metal case

· Mini-USB connection

· GUI Operating environment:  

 Win XP 32bit

 Win 7 32bit

 Win8 64bit

 Win10 64bit



 Changing the wavelength of the Tunable SFP+ & XFP 

 Reading and Writing the EEPROM of SFP & XFP module

 Checking the status of the module

▪ DDM monitor