• Name: Rack Mount DWDM MUX/DEMUX
  • NO.: 140WDM090
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The Gigalight rack mount DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) MUX/DEMUX (Multiplexer/Demultiplexer) is a multi-channel DWDM device with 19-inch 1U rack mount package designed for ITU channel spacing applications. It is based on the Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology and operates at 100GHz or 200GHz channel spacing ITU Grid DWDM wavelengths from 1528nm to 1565nm. Gigalight provides a series of customized rack mount DWDM MUX/DEMUX devices to meet different requirements on port configuration (2 to 18 channels, 1310nm/upgrade/monitoring ports available), operating wavelength, fiber type, fiber length, input connector, and output connector.


  • Low Insertion Loss (IL)
  • High isolation
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
  • Available in 2 to 32 channels with compact design
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • Wide operating wavelength range
  • High reliability and high stability
  • Telcordia GR-1209-CORE-2001 compliant
  • Telcordia GR-1221-CORE-1999 compliant
  • ITU-T G.694.1 compliant
  • RoHS-6 compliant (lead free)


  • Broadband Systems
  • Telecommunications Networks
  • Metro Networks

Ordering Information

Product Description Product Number
100GHz Rack Mount DWDM MUX/DEMUX
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 2CH, 100GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-02Xxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 4CH, 100GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-04Xxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 8CH, 100GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-08Xxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 16CH, 100GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-16Xxxx19
200GHz Rack Mount DWDM MUX/DEMUX
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 2CH, 200GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-02Yxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 4CH, 200GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-04Yxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 8CH, 200GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-08Yxxx19
DWDM MUX/DEMUX, 16CH, 200GHz C-band, Rack Mount GWM-16Yxxx19

Note: The port configuration, initial wavelength, fiber type, fiber length, input connector, and output connector can be customized. For details, please contact us. Email:

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