• Name: GIGAC™ MTP/MPO Loopbacks
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The GIGAC™ MTP/MPO loopbacks are designed for network diagnostics, testing system configurations, and device burn-in. By creating a loop of signal from transceiver to receiver within one MTP/MPO plug, the loopback module can form an optical link which allows testing of optical network segment by segment. The loopbacks are packaged in a rugged, compact housing, and provide an effective way of testing the transmission capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment, particularly for telecom and datacom requirements. The Gigalight loopback modules are fully configurable and available in different options for insertion loss type, fiber count, fiber type, and material type. For example, the standard loopback module includes a female MPO interface 12-fiber with 8-fiber (QSFP) option or 40G/100G, single-mode or multimode versions. With highly integrated design and manufacturing capability, Gigalight provides customized MTP/MPO loopback modules which are 100% tested to deliver optimal performance and reliability.


  • Insertion loss type available in Standard, Elite / Low Loss
  • Fiber count available in 8, 12, 24
  • Fiber type available in SM (G652D, G657A1, G657A2), MM (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4)
  • Material type available in Usconec MTP, Japan MPO
  • Customized loop length and polarity
  • Compact and portable
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 80°C


  • Data Center Cabling Test
  • Equipment Self-testing and Engineering
  • Network Diagnosing and Testing

Ordering Information

Product Description Product Number
MTP/MPO Single Mode Fiber Loopbacks
MTP/MPO Loopback, SMF, 8 Fibers GML-08-SM
MTP/MPO Loopback, SMF, 12 Fibers GML-12-SM
MTP/MPO Loopback, SMF, 24 Fibers GML-24-SM
MTP/MPO OM3 Multimode Fiber Loopbacks
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM3, 8 Fibers GML-08-OM3
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM3, 12 Fibers GML-12-OM3
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM3, 24 Fibers GML-24-OM3
MTP/MPO OM4 Multimode Fiber Loopbacks
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM4, 8 Fibers GML-08-OM4
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM4, 12 Fibers GML-12-OM4
MTP/MPO Loopback, OM4, 24 Fibers GML-24-OM4

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