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  • Description: 12G-SDI fiber optical extender makes possible transmission of two lanes of 12G SDI signals in long-distance,which are independent.The maximum transmission distances can reach 80km at 3G-SDI daterate and 20km at 12G-SDI datarate.
  • Description: The transceiver is designed to transmit/receive data rates from 50Mbps to 11.88Gbps and is specifically designed for robust performance in the presence of SDI pathological patterns for SMPTE 259M...
  • Description: Gigalight video SFP optical module is designed to transmit and receive electric and optical serial digital signal as defined in SMPTE 297-2006. It is specifically designed for robust performance in the presence of SDI pathology.
  • Description: Gigalight 4x3G SDI Extender is a kind of SDI extender for 4K used to extend the transmission distance between SDI Source and Sink devices. The transmission distance can be up to 80km or more.
  • Description: Convenience of connection and construction, High intensity and light weight, Provide UV protection, and mould proof, no cleft under stress, adapt to high fire environment.
  • Description: The Gigalight HDMI 1.4 Optical Module is high performance, cost effective modules for duplex HDMI transmission application over multimode fiber.
  • Description: Gigalight USB 3.0 AOC is consisted of two USB3.0 Standard-A connectors and multimode optical fiber, and each end has IC/VCSEL/PD, to complete the OE & EO conversion.Data rates 5.0Gbps,Data rates 5.0Gbps, High integrated chip, Low power consumption.
  • Description: G2HCTR-MNMT is a medium reach transceivers coaxial video module. The video series transceivers are high performance, cost effective modules for duplex video transmission application over cables.
  • Description: HDMI AOC is the perfect solution for extending HDMI signals in classrooms, conference rooms, healthcare facilities, houses of worship and other commercial environments.Up to 100m on OM3 MMF,Support 4k/3D/1080p/1080i/720p format.