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  • Description: 100G Athermal AWG DWDM module is based on the silica on silicon technology and no electrical power is required. The product offers high stability and reliability, and has small package size.
  • Description: The CCWDM Mux/Demuxes are available in12/18 channels with an extended port channels,and can be expanded for more channels.
  • Description: Gigalight’s CCWDM are integrated optical modules using our proprietary free-space optics platform which can significantly improve optical performance,while reducing manufacturing costs,in a package less than 1/4 the size of conventional CWDM modules.
  • Description: Gigalight 4-CH Mini CCWDM is based on free-space technology platform. The CCWDM features ultra low loss and super thermal stability, and excellent reliability.
  • Description: It is a new active photo detector designed for EDFA, OLP and other optical communication equipment, detecting multiple channel at the same time.
  • Description: Low Insertion Loss,Low PDL,Compact Design,Good excess loss,Wide Operating,Wavelength: 1260nm~1620nm,High Reliability and Stability.
  • Description: Fiber Optic Arrays are devices that connect Optical Fibers to Optical Waveguide Devices. These products position the optical cores accurately within V-Groove Blocks by a Micro Fabrication Technique.
  • Description: Gigalight's Polarization Insensitive Fiber Isolator is a lead-free platform and no epoxy in the optical path, with excellent performance such as low insertion loss, low polarization depend loss and high isolation.
  • Description: Bare Fiber PLC Splitters based on the Planar Waveguide Technology. The products own ultra-low polarization dependent loss (PDL), also feature low insertion loss and high port uniformity.