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  • Description: GigaC™ 8F-Light Cabling Solution includes "Direct Connection Program" ,"Interconnection Program" and "Upgrade And Migration".
  • Description: GigaC™ 200/400G MTP Cabling products perfectly combine the structures of MTP8 and MTP16 and achieve seamless interconnection with traditional MTP12&14-fiber products in existing data centers.
  • Description: Gigalight offers a high-performance 100G WDM4 Cabling solution for data center using CWDM4 architecture.Deployed with GigaC 100G WDM4 Cabling product,it can provide you with high-quality optic fiber infrastructure services up to 25 years in data center.
  • Description: In Gigalight GigaC MPO/MTP series, the products targeted at ultra-high density solutions can provide a high quality application facilities for data center.
  • Description: GigaC™ UHD MPO/MTP cabling system is driven by the concept of network space optimization, it is a MPO/MTP based system for fast deployments to meet the evolution paths of 40G and 100G links.
  • Description: MPO / MTP Loopback Assemblies are designed for testing of MPO parallel links and for device burn-in. By creating a loop of signal from transceiver to receiver within one MPO plug it forms optical link which allows testing of optical network segment by seg
  • Description: The MPO/MTP Hydra cable assemblies, is deployed inside plug and play cassette modules. This solution is a 12-colored 0.9mm cable utilizing a MPO / MTP connector on one end and generic connectors (such as LC, SC, FC, etc.) on the other end. They are avai
  • Description: The MPO / MTP patchcords are simplex multi-fiber Cable using the MPO / MTP connector in fiber counts of 4, 8, 12, 24 or 48. They offer Male and Female MPO / MTP connectors on each end.
  • Description: Combining 12~144 fiber trunk cable with 12F MPO/MTP and generic connectors, Gigalight's trunk cable assemblies contain MPO to MPO and MPO hybrid types.