50GHz/100GHz AAWG MUX/DEMUX Solution for DWDM Systems

Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AAWG) is based on silica-on-silicon planar technology. There is no electrical power and temperature control required. A variety of commonly-used configurations such as 24, 32, 40, 44, and 48 channels can be provided, which are all available in standalone 19'' or 23'' 1RU/2RU rack mount, field metal box. Here we'd like to introduce you something about AAWG as well as Gigalight 50GHz/100GHz AAWG for DWDM system.

Main Advantages of AAWG

Compared with the traditional AWG based on TFF, AAWG has the following obvious and irreplaceable advantages:

1. AAWG has thermal stability and improved ITU-Grid accuracy that ITU-G694.1 requires for with wider transmission bandwidth, thus it can be applied to high-end areas such as Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and long distance DWDM optical communication system.

2. Better PMD feature (<0.5ps) enables it to meet the requirements of the 40G/100G DWDM transmission system and the PMD tolerance of the high speed system.

3. AAWG does not need external circuit control. As a pure passive product, it can use self-compensation technology to do self-adaptation control for external temperature. Its center wavelength is insensitive to the change of ambient temperature.

3 AAWG Applications:

1. Used for WDM-PON:

2. Used for DWDM System:

3. Typical AAWG Application:

Gigalight 50GHz/100GHz AAWG Introduction

DWDM system gradually became the first choice for global construction of large-capacity optical transmission network. Gigalight launched 100GHz AAWG (Gaussian) DWDM Module in 2015. Its IL is 2.8dB and the biggest IL is no more than 3.5dB, which can provide as many as 40/48 DWDM transmission channels. With flat-top AAWG DWDM optical modules, Gigalight now can provide complete 100GHz AAWG products and solutions.


Meanwhile, Gigalight 50GHz AAWG can be widely used in the wavelength exchange and transmission system of backbone and edge networks. It can be used for DWDM modules based on TFF. Another application is the reconfigurable optical network, which is required for WSS and ROADM nodes. In DWDM system, Gigalight can provide the corresponding EDFA and power budget, dispersion budget, PMD budget, SNR control, nonlinear effect analysis depending on the usage scenario, further strengthening its one-stop capability to provide a complete solution for DWDM system.

Gigalight 50GHz/100GHz AAWG Main Features:

  • No electrical power required;
  • Athermal design to guarantee operation over outdoor temperature;
  • 50GHz/100GHz channel spacing optional;
  • 100GHz flat top & guassian channel spacing optional;
  • Express /UPG/1310nm legacy port available upon request;
  • Low insertion loss & high isolation;
  • Compact size;
  • Telcordia GR-1221/1209-CORE compliant.

Gigalight 50GHz/100GHz AAWG Applications:

  • MUX and DEMUX DWDM Systems
  • Long Haul, Metro, Access networks
  • OADM & ROADM applications
  • Terminal Application

In the DWDM system construction, part of the frame plan is the no-power supply (like WDM-PON). And low-loss AAWG becomes the best and necessary choice, which can provide more generous power budget and longer transmission distance. In order to match the actual use requirements of customers, AAWG is rich in external encapsulation. For example, split wave module integrations can be fixed in 19U case, which is convenient for clients to install and maintain frames uniformly. Meanwhile, Gigalight has the capability to provide customized AAWG products and solutions aiming at the center wavelength of deviating from certain wavelength based on clients’ needs, like H channel of deviating 50GHz. It is convenient for clients to subsequently expand system by adopting Interleaver and provide spare channels.