Coherent Optical Communication Products and Solutions

  • CFP2-DCO
  • 100G/200G CFP2-DCO

    Reach up to 120km, 600km, or 1200km
    Ideal Solution For Metro/Long-haul & DCI

    Link budget, interface, and transmission requirements such as data rate, delay, and protection etc. can be customized.

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Why Coherent Optics

  • Longer Distance

    High-gain soft-decision FEC enables signals to traverse longer distances while requiring fewer regenerator points. It provides more margin, allowing higher bit-rate signals to traverse farther distances.

  • Greater Capacity

    Spectral shaping provides greater capacity across cascaded ROADM, resulting in increased spectral efficiency for super channels. Spectral shaping is critical in flexible grid systems because it allows carriers to be squeezed closer together to maximize capacity.

  • Wider Application

    With programmability, the technology can be tailored for a wide variety of networks and applications and can support multiple modulation formats and/or different baud rates, enabling operators to choose from a variety of line rates.


  • ODCC

    100G CFP-DCO (<22w)

    Pizzabox (ODCC)

  • OIF

    200G CFP2-DCO (OIF) (<14w)

    100G CFP2-DCO (OIF) (<12w)

  • COBO


    400G OSFP-DCO (OIF COBO) (<14w)