• Gigalight 100G CFP-DCO Optical Transceiver

    The Gigalight 100G CFP-DCO digital coherent optical transceiver is a hot-pluggable CFP form-factor optical module designed for high-speed optical networking applications including 100-Gigabit Ethernet and OTU4. The CAUI and OTL4.10 electrical interface and MDIO management interface are built in the module. The 100G CFP-DCO module converts 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical data streams to 128G DP-QPSK optical output signal in Egress, and also converts DP-QPSK optical input signals to 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical data streams in ingress. This 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical signal is fully compliant with 802.3ba CAUI specification and OIF-CEI-03.1 specification, and…

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  • Gigalight 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 10km Optical Transceiver

    The Gigalight 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 10km optical transceiver module is designed for 2x 100G-PSM4 links over multiple single-mode fibers and supports transmission distance up to 10km using 1310nm wavelengths. The maximum power dissipation is 6.5W.

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  • The Analysis of Optical Transceiver Market in the 5G Era

    25G BiDi optical transceivers, 50G PAM4 optical transceivers, and low-cost coherent 100G optical transceivers are typical representatives of 5G fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul networks for optical transceivers. Low cost is the main appeal point of 5G wireless optical transceiver in the industrial chain. Specification grading, industrial chain sharing, technological innovation and localization replacement are the main means to achieve low cost. The key technologies of 5G wireless optical transceivers are mainly embodied in the level of optoelectronic chips. The expansion of functions, the increase of speed and the decrease of cost are the…

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  • Trends in 400G Optics for the Data Center

    Data Center Connections are Driving Optics Volume Due to the ongoing large increase in bandwidth demand, data center connections are expected to move from 25G/100G to 100G/400G. Within the Data Center Racks: 10GE is still being deployed, 25GE is starting to be deployed in volume, and 100GE or 50GE will follow. Between Data Center Racks: 40GE is still being deployed, 100GE is starting to be deployed in volume, and 400GE will follow at large cloud service providers. Long Spans, DCI and WAN: 10G DWDM/tunable is still being deployed, 100G/200G coherent…

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  • In Case You Missed the Questions for 25G Transceiver

    Here’s a frequently asked question to address questions that have arisen from the significant uptick in the use of 25G transceivers, which is driven by high bandwidth demands in the enterprise, data center and service provider applications. 1. Why is the use of 25G increasing? Many network operators have chosen 25G instead of multiple 10G’s because 25G provides 2.5x bandwidth of the 10G in the same familiar SFP form factor at approximately the same power. This has enabled network equipment manufacturers to provide higher bandwidth connectivity. Rack-mountable switches and routers…

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  • FEC in 100G Networks and Beyond

    Forward Error Correction (FEC) is used in a variety of contexts to ensure data signal transmission over “noisy” communication channels. The idea behind the technique is to encode the original message prior to transmission with redundant data. This data is an Error Correcting Code (ECC), created by an FEC algorithm scheme, that gets forwarded along with the data and decoded by the receiver. On the receiving end, this affords an opportunity to correct errors—thus reducing the Bit-Error Rate (BER) and increasing reliability. Because the redundant bits are transmitted across the…

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  • Progression from 4G to 5G

    5G, the latest advancement in cellular network evolution, promises pioneering improvements in availability, reliability and performance requirements of the emerging applications in the enterprise segment. Standard bodies like ITU and NGMN have come up with multiple use cases for 5G. Each of these use cases differ in terms of expected data rates, latency, reliability and availability. Hence, they need different treatments by the underlying cellular networks. This article discusses such use cases, shortcomings in 4G to realize these use cases and how 5G promises to handle their stringent requirements. The…

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  • What Is Data Center?

    A data center is a repository that houses computing facilities like servers, routers, switches and firewalls, as well as supporting components like backup equipment, fire suppression facilities and air conditioning. A data center may be complex (dedicated building) or simple (an area or room that houses only a few servers). Additionally, a data center may be private or shared. A data center is also known as a datacenter or data centre. Data center components often make up the core of an organization’s Information System (IS). Thus, these critical data center…

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  • What Is Data Center Interconnect?

    Data Center Interconnect (DCI) refers to the networking of two or more different data centers to achieve business or IT objectives. This interconnectivity between separate data centers enables them to work together, share resources and/or pass workloads between one another. A data center interconnect is mainly accomplished using networking tools and techniques along with supported software and data center management processes. Data center interconnect is a technique used in enterprise IT infrastructures that have multiple owned or partnered data centers. Typically, data center interconnect is achieved by connecting data centers…

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  • Why 5G Wireless Will Leverage High-Speed Optical Networks and Machine Learning

    At this year’s Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in San Diego, CA, we saw how advances in cognitive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and fiber-optic electronics are enabling the rollout of 5G mobile wireless, which in turn will deliver new services such as augmented reality, drones, industrial IoT, self-driving vehicles and massive connectivity. OFC is an annual conference sponsored by two IEEE societies: the IEEE Communications Society and the IEEE Photonics Society, as well as the Optical Society. This year’s event brought together 15000 attendees and nearly 700 exhibitors, who showcased the latest…

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