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Gigalight 100G CFP-DCO Optical Transceiver

The Gigalight 100G CFP-DCO digital coherent optical transceiver is a hot-pluggable CFP form-factor optical module designed for high-speed optical networking applications including 100-Gigabit Ethernet and OTU4. The CAUI and OTL4.10 electrical interface and MDIO management interface are built in the module.

The 100G CFP-DCO module converts 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical data streams to 128G DP-QPSK optical output signal in Egress, and also converts DP-QPSK optical input signals to 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical data streams in ingress. This 10-lane 10Gb/s electrical signal is fully compliant with 802.3ba CAUI specification and OIF-CEI-03.1 specification, and allows FR4 host PCB trace up to 25cm.

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