• A Guide to Deep Packet Inspection

    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is used for in-depth analysis of the packets sent over the Internet. Every parcel of digital information—including the email you send, VoIP calls you make, and websites you load—is transmitted across the web in a formatted piece of structured data known as a “packet.” Inside this packet is structured metadata that assures your data is routed to the proper destination. Analyzing these packets is a process known as deep packet inspection (DPI,) and the practice is employed daily by enterprise companies, internet service providers (ISPs,) and media companies. What is Deep Packet Inspection? Internet traffic is composed of small bundles of data known as packets. Packets wrap digital information in a bundle of metadata that identifies traffic source, destination, content, and other pieces of valuable details. Analyzing digital traffic is a lot like analyzing automobile traffic: Patterns reveal useful insights. By studying metadata like headers using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) network specialists can learn how best to optimize servers to reduce overhead, detect and deter hackers, combat malware, other statistical information, and glean intimate details about…

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