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  • Trends in 400G Optics for the Data Center

    Data Center Connections are Driving Optics Volume Due to the ongoing large increase in bandwidth demand, data center connections are expected to move from 25G/100G to 100G/400G. Within the Data Center Racks: 10GE is still being deployed, 25GE is starting to be deployed in volume, and 100GE or 50GE will follow. Between Data Center Racks: 40GE is still being deployed, 100GE is starting to be deployed in volume, and 400GE will follow at large cloud service providers. Long Spans, DCI and WAN: 10G DWDM/tunable is still being deployed, 100G/200G coherent starting to be deployed, and 400G coherent will follow—then 600G or 800G. Forecasted Data Center Ethernet Port Shipments Forecasted 400GE Shipments by Market Segment Mainstream 1RU Ethernet Switch Roadmap 3.2Tb/s switches based on 100G QSFP28 modules are being deployed in cloud data centers today. Given the multiple switching ICs expected to be available, the market is likely to be fragmented in the future. Large growth in bandwidth demand is pushing the industry to work on technologies and standards to support future 12.8T switches. 400G and Next-Gen 100G Ethernet Optical Standardization…

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  • COBO Facilitates Optical Network to 400G

    There are over 10 companies that have demonstrate the 400G Ethernet optical transceiver in OFC 2018, which are expected to deploy 400G optical transceivers in data centers and Telecom in the end of next year. At the same time, the relative standard formulating works have been laid the foundation of the next technology to adapt to the increasing requirements. The new 400G products usually adopt 8 50G serial links, which are based on the latest PAM-4 module technology. As recently as last week, IEEE had initially approved a set of 100 gigabytes of serial link standards that could lead to the future of the 800G Ethernet standard. At the same time, an industry organization COBO that owns about 70 member companies (On – Board Optics), released the first specification for the module of embedded router and switch the mainboard of the specifications, aimed at 400G ~ 800G products to reduce heat and power consumption problems, as a first step towards the future optoelectronic integrated components. On board optics alliance COBO released the On Board Optics specification 1.0 at OFC 2018,…

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