5G technology

  • 10 Tips You Should Know About 5G Network

    No.1 5G does not mean traffic, but the Fifth Generation of Communication Technology. No.2 If 3G is a single lane, 4G may be three lanes, 5G is ten lanes or more, and there are special lanes. 5G high-speed dedicated channels can generate many innovative personal applications and industry applications. No.3 In the 5G era, the Ready Player One is no longer a movie but a reality. In terms of industry, medical assistance can be more effective. In the future, ambulances can be turned directly into emergency rooms, and experts in hospitals can perform real-time online rescue and surgery. No.4 Where 5G is powerful—stability. Single brand products can have dedicated channels. There will never be any break or delay. No.5 5G can support 8K UHD video transmission. Virtual reality brings a thing far away from you to your face. No.6 The 5G technology is not aimed at ordinary people, but the industry. No.7 Don’t worry that mobile phones will be out of date. Now only the 5G core standards have been set down, other research and development and equipment and so on…

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  • The Technical Path of 5G Needs to Be Clarified Urgently

    5G has defined three use cases, and each requires a technology phase not less than 5 years. Assuming the deployment of 5G begins in 2019, it might take more than 10 years to achieve the 5G network in our imagination. We have to analyze the feasibility of technology and application, so as to provide a basis for the rethinking of superstructure. The Three Use Cases of 5G The first use case of 5G is eMBB, short for Enhanced Mobile Broadband. It is defined to achieve Virtual Reality (VR) technology and Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video sharing, cloud access anywhere and up to 1Gbps of Internet bandwidth. The second use case of 5G is uRLLC, short for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications. It includes low latency automatic driving and industrial Internet etc. The last use case of 5G is mMTC, short for Massive Machine Type Communication). It is defined to realize vehicle networking and intelligent asset management, that is, to make Internet of Everything (IoE) become a reality. The three use cases of 5G have covered every technology field that human technology…

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