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  • The Demands for Optical Transceivers in Edge Computing of the 5G Cloud Era

    5G motivates the edge computing progress. Higher rate and higher density optical transceivers will be required. Edge computing is the leading-edge technology for the next-generation data center. In the current period, edge computing is in the period of practice. It is important that how to develop edge computing and how to meet the needs of edge computing. On Jun. 25, 2019, the OCP China Day hosted in Beijing, China by one OCP Platinum member, Inspur. The distinguished guests from Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Baidu, Tencent, and Inspur attended the conference. They share vital topics such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, and SONiC about various leading-edge technologies here. Among these topics, edge computing has been frequently mentioned, here we will discuss the development of 5G and edge computing. Source: Inspur Edge Computing The emerging applications and exponential data growth have been driving cloud service to extend the edge. It is difficult to cope with all the data through the cloud service due to the requirements of low latency and the limitation of bandwidth, there is no doubt that edge computing is a…

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