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  • HPC On Cloud? HPC On Cloud!

    In recent years, two brothers, High Performance Computing (HPC) and cloud computing, have always appeared in various occasions at the same time, and a new term has emerged — HPC On Cloud. What is HPC On Cloud? Why is there HPC On Cloud? Let’s talk about it together. Cloud Computing vs. HPC Let’s take a look at what their concepts are. Cloud computing is a kind of usage mode that distributes according to demand and charges according to usage. Users can put hard disks and CPUs on their computers or company servers on the Internet and make unified dynamic calls. They only need to pay by hour or even minute, instead of buying computers and servers by themselves. For example, cloud computing is similar to tap water at home, so we don’t need to build a water plant in our own home but just need to turn on the tap and distribute it on demand by paying. HPC is applied the area of large-scale data processing. Take Baidu’s project team as an example, HPC is used in many departments, such as speech…

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  • What Are Supercomputing, High-Performance Computing and Cloud Computing?

    In recent years, the terms “supercomputing”, “high performance computing” and “cloud computing” have often been talked about, but most people do not seriously understand what they are and what the difference is. This article will answer these questions in detail for you. Supercomputing is based on supercomputer. Supercomputers are computers capable of supercomputing. Supercomputing uses computers to research, design products and support complex decisions. In addition to the most advanced computing hardware systems, it also includes software systems and testing tools, and algorithms to solve complex computing. At present, China’s supercomputers are in the leading position in the world. In last year’s supercomputer 500 strong selection, China’s “Sunway TaihuLight” won the championship. Although such a giant has been developed, the specific application of supercomputers in China is still in a relatively backward position compared with the United States and Germany. High Performance Computing, referred to as HPC, is the application of high-performance computers. High-performance computers are parallel computers composed of traditional ultra high-speed computers and multiple CPU. However, generally speaking, HPC is almost equivalent to supercomputing, mainly for scientific computing,…

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