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The Coming 5G Era Will Bring a New Round of Explosive Growth to Cloud Computing

The Coming 5G Era Will Bring a New Round of Explosive Growth to Cloud Computing

In recent years, telecom operators have been making efforts to set up cloud computing market, striving to build their own territory in the cloud field. However, with the continuous investment of Internet and traditional IT enterprises in cloud computing, the cloud computing market competition is further heating up. Facing the upcoming 5G era and the huge cloud computing market, how to position cloud computing has become the current focus of telecom operators.

Telecom Operators Are Facing New Challenges

With the rapid growth of cloud computing business and the development of data center market, the cloud computing industry has experienced vigorous growth in the past few years and the ecological system has been booming. In terms of market scale, the figure for China’s cloud computing market was closed 70 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 28%, and it is expected to top 680 billion yuan by 2020. As the participants who get involved in the cloud computing field early, the three China’s operators are facing more fierce market competition and service challenges.

5G Is Driving the Upgrade of Cloud Computing Industry

In June 2018, as the 3GPP submitted the functionalities standard for 5G NR , the first subset of 5G standard — R15 was officially born, and a series of new projects in the second phase of 5G were approved. 3GPP Release 16 is also being accelerated. Meanwhile, the Chinese operators have also laid out a 5G timetable, planing to realize the formal commercial use of 5G networks by 2020. The opportunities brought by 5G and 5G network itself have greatly surpassed the existing communication industry ecosystem. It can be predicted that the emergence of new networks and new businesses will inevitably push the current cloud computing industry to further upgrade.

New Business Will Definitely Drive the Overall Upgrade of Cloud Services

5G will provide users with more immersive business experiences such as UHD video, next-generation social networking, VR, AR and so on. Meanwhile, 5G will be deeply integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios such as car networking, industrial Internet, smart healthcare, smart home and so on. In order to adapt to these new businesses, cloud services must be upgraded to meet the needs of the next generation of businesses. For example, the AWS Greengrass is such a solution provided by cloud service providers, aiming to meet the application requirements of the IoT scenario.

High Network Requirements Will Definitely Drive the Overall Quality Upgrade of Cloud Service

The new features of 5G in ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, flexible connection and network slicing will be met through technological innovation and collaborative development of network architecture and infrastructure platform. In terms of network architecture, control and forwarding separation and control function reconstruction are realized through access cloud, control cloud and forwarding cloud to simplify the structure and improve access performance. In terms of infrastructure platform, the telecom level cloud platform is built to realize the carrying capacity of the upper virtual network services. Meanwhile, the network service choreography is adopted to solve the problems of high cost of existing infrastructure, inflexible resource allocation and long service launch cycle.

High-Investment Network Construction Will Definitely Drive the Overall Upgrade of Cloud Deployment

Network evolution needs to maintain the continuity of current network business, protect existing investment as much as possible, and reserve space for future business development. The huge capacity and agility requirements in the 5G era have promoted the densification of base stations. The number of base stations required for 5G construction is large and the investment is large. Whether from the perspective of saving investment, or in terms of business flexibility and innovative support, cloud deployment in the 5G era is inevitable.

Operators Need to Start from Four Points

For 5G era, the road of the cloud of telecom operators need from the network architecture, infrastructure, business services and comprehensive operation pattern. To meet the future demand for fusion application scenario of network, they must strengthen innovation in the ability of the platform and the cloud services area based on the open network capability at the same time, and speed up the launch for vertical cloud services in the field of industry, so as to adapt to the coming era of digital economy.

Telecom Operators Should Accelerate the Comprehensive Cloud Network Reconstruction in the Aspect of Network Architecture

Telecom operators need to speed up the construction of “centered on data center” network architecture, with all network function and business applications running on the cloud data center, build three layers of telecom cloud platform including infrastructure, network management and network service, and new type of network architecture composed of the new data center in the form of clouds, intelligence network and new brain, so as to realize the cloud network, cloud business and cloud operations. As for the large-scale data center construction required by the development of cloud computing center under the promotion of 5G, the Gigalight company has launched a series of cost-effective 100G/200G/400G products to meet the demand of data center construction of large-scale optical transceivers.

In terms of infrastructure, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Should Be Adopted to Accelerate the Implementation of Cloud Applications

The telecom network need to use cloud deployment to sink the cloud core to the clients, so the business data need not to be transmitted back and forth from the core data center hundreds of kilometers away, but just transferred to edge data center closer to users or base station to be processed, thus reducing the network delay, in order to meet the future 5G real-time business. At the same time, with the help of MEC, telecom operators will accelerate the integration of industrial ecological chain, explore new business scenarios, explore business models, and promote the application of services to vertical industries.

In Terms of Operation Mode, Telecom Operators Are Gradually Transforming into Cloud Solution Providers in the Vertical Industry

Compared with other enterprise projects in the cloud computing industry chain, telecom operators have the advantage of large data centers and broadband network, and are better at building a complete chain from terminal to network to computing. By providing a whole set of industry-oriented cloud service solutions, the cloud computing value chain constructed by telecom operators will become a clear manifestation of their own differentiation advantages. Therefore, in the 5G era, telecom operators should customize technologies and business strategies around their own advantages to build an operational support system for the cloud solution in the vertical field oriented to the industrial Internet.

5G era is coming, and the cloud computing will usher in a new round of explosion. For telecom operators, there are opportunities and challenges to occupy a place in the field of cloud computing. While insisting on innovation to drive development, they should grasp the market demand more accurately, seek diversified cooperation, and create ecological system, so as to realize the sustained growth of business income. The arrival of the cloud era provides great market opportunities, Gigalight follows the pace of the times to develop AOC series products suitable for cloud computing, as well as cost-effective optical transceivers required for the construction of large-scale data centers driven by cloud computing.

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