Core Competitiveness

Customer centered, enterprising oriented, collaborative and efficient, and self critical.
  • One-Stop Supplier

    With over ten years' development, Gigalight now owns abundant optical network product lines for a variety of optical interconnection and transmission applications. These products include optical transceivers, active optical cables, MTP/MPO cabling products, passive optical components, and video optics etc. Gigalight has three product divisions dedicated to providing clients with the overall and intensive product design and service.

  • Reliable Technologies

    Gigalight has three reliable optical engine technologies: VCSEL, PSM4/PSM8 (Parallel Single-Mode 4/8-lane), and 4WDM/CWDM4. These technologies reduce the cost of products, and have passed the double 85 reliability tests, which guarantee the security of big data transmission.

  • Advanced Management Systems

    Gigalight has independently developed its own Manufacturing Executive System (MES), electronic panel manufacturing system, automatic adjustment & test system (for transceiver optics), and order & inventory visualization system. We are developing the cloud manufacturing system (to be open in Sep, 2018) to assemble all the capabilities to realize the clients' customized production and management.

  • Powerful Compatibility

    Since 2006, Gigalight has continuously been researching the software & hardware compatibility of optical transceivers and building rich compatibility knowledge base. At present, our transceiver optics are compatible with global main brands. Thanks to the experience of serving small & medium clients in the world, Gigalight has strong user customization reaction capacity.

  • Innovative Ecosystem

    Gigalight owns over 10 years' technical advantages in R&D and manufacturing of transceiver optics and other optical devices, and has gradually bulit an innovative transceiver optics ecosystem. This ecosystem includes a cloud programming platform that realizes customize optics' coding, online test, information online inquiry and interaction with a cloud server; a firmware remote upgrading system; a series of transceiver optics checkers; and the cloud manufacturing system being developed.

5 Core Technologies Platforms

Gigalight 5 Core Technologies Platforms

Automatic Systems

Gigalight Automatic Systems