Enterprise Vision: To be a global optical interconnection design innovator.

Design driven progress: every day is a battle with creativity.

√ Optical microstructure and innovative design

√ Reliability and thermal design of hardware

√ Appearance language and sexy design

√ Introspection balance and aesthetic design

√ Packaging emotional and environmental design

√ Performance consistency design

√ Digital design of marketing

√ Visualization of manufacturing and cloud design

√ Connection and experience design of service

√ Packaging emotional and environmental design

Core Values:

To establish a positive model of enterprise in Shenzhen with self innovation and tenacious struggle, and to improve the competitive abilities of the individual, the whole, or the country.

Business Objective:

To keep providing customers with high-speed optical interconnection products with innovative designs and leading solutions.

Enterprise Spirit:

Products and minds can be created and can fly.

Business Philosophy:

To expand wealth with technologies, and to lead the future with brand.

Quality Objectives:

In accordance with the quality and technology standards ISO9001.

Quality Policy:

To improve the value of brand with quality, and to lead the future with brand; to gallop in the optical communication industry with the improvement of quality; to attach importance to quality control, and to refine customer needs; to build core abilities to realize ideal company.

Environmental Policy:

To abide by regulations, to save energy, to reduce consumption, to prevent pollution, and to keep improving.

We Promise:

1. To establish, implement and improve the environmental management system according to the requirements of ISO14001 environmental management system.

2. To independently formulate environmental targets and indexes for environmental protection in the business activities.

√ To control and reduce the use and discharge of hazardous substances in the production and manufacture of products, and promote pollution prevention.

√ To strengthen the management of solid waste disposal and reduce the environmental impact of sewage, smoke and noise.

√ To carry out energy saving and consumption reduction activities, and make rational use of energy and resources.

3. To regularly review the operation of the environmental management system to ensure the effective implementation of the environmental management system.

Through the implementation of the environmental awareness training for all employees, we strengthen the communication with the relevant parties of environmental information, so as to understand the requirements of the company's environmental management, and jointly promote environmental protection.